Pomodori Wins! (Not really, BUT 8TH PLACE was a huge victory for Pomodori)

The envelope please … and the winner is … Another long, but very interesting day. We arrived at the competition venue at 8 am to register Keith for the fastest dough stretch.  The competition began mid-morning and Keith was to compete toward the end of the category which was helpful for us so we could […]

Competition Day at the World Pizza Championships

Competition day! A whole lot has gone into preparing for this day, even the stuff done long before we even knew that we were going to open the restaurant, and for more than fours weeks we have been diligently practicing and preparing for this day. Trying to figure out the best recipe for hand mixing […]

World pizza championships in Italy

Salsomaggiore is a town in northern Italy located in the Parma province. Population: 19,937. Elevation: 157m Pomodori participated in this event and it is a great chance for all pizzaioli to compete and to increase their professional skills observing and learning from colleagues in a nice and amusing environment. Competition: – Classic Pizza Dough – […]