We are excited to announce that the third Pomodori Pizzeria is now open in Moncton! Located at 686 St. George Blvd and just down the street from Centennial Park, this is our first franchise owned and operated by Mike and Adrienne O’Pray of Riverview.

After months of planning and building we spent the past week training the team in Moncton and working with them through their first few busy days. We are proud to say the team managed very well and everyone has caught on quickly! We are confident they will deliver amazing food to our Moncton customers.

With the launch of Moncton complete, we are looking for new franchisees that will work with us to open Pomodori in other cities.

We want to thank you for your support and continued business. We appreciate you believing in us and our goal of bridging the gap between fast food and great food.

Janice and Keith