Poem by Clyde A. Wray: Pomodori

Some places are like home nice comfortable comforting even on a snowy glum day even after they’ve suffered a tragic event a place like the Pomodori restaurant/café with its twenty-three types of Pizza like old friends you haven’t seen for awhile when you walk through the door you’re still greeted with a smile even after […]

James via Facebook: Me: “do you like your pizza?” My 5 year old: “mm best pizza in the world mm mmm.”

Shanell via Facebook wrote a blog about her autistic daughter and Pomodori


The Allure Of The Italian Tomato…

April 20, 2009 By The Leisurologist I’m driving along the streets of a fictitious city which I’ll call Rothesay. My stomach announces that it’s time to eat so I scan the horizon for something that looks suitable. I see the golden aches (not a typo) and don’t even give it a first thought. To my left […]