• Neapolitan pizza - baked in 90 seconds @ 800 degrees

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We are a wood-fired pizzeria and create Neapolitan style, thin crust pizza, fresh salad and house-made gelato. Menu items are prepared with the best ingredients we can source and are made fresh, while you wait, to ensure the best possible quality and flavour.

“As always excellent pizza! The best Italian style thin crust pizza around.”

Arliss WilsonJuly 15, 2017

“The restaurant was very clean with a welcoming atmosphere. The staff were very friendly and patient, the service was quick, and the pizza SO DELICIOUS. I had the Medi pizza, and for the first time ever I didn’t feel sick after eating pizza! The dough is thin and light with a perfect flakey crust. The ingredients are so fresh and cooked perfectly, and the flavours were so strong and delicious! Not greasy at all I would highly recommend Pomodori Pizzeria!

Aleesha RobicheauNovember 12, 2017

I appreciate the rewards as I also appreciate your delicious pizza and the best spinach salad I have ever tasted. Thanks for your quality, delicious food


Everything remains the same – including my love of your products !!


I love Pomodori pizza!!!  Your spinach salad with pecans is awesome too!


could PROBABLY eat a @pomodori_pizza bianca with mushrooms everyday forever and still love it #addicted


I’m in Toronto until April 10. To sum up my situation in a word: Pomodori-less. I have yet to find an ‘equivalent’ pizza here in Toronto, though I haven’t been looking because I think I’ll be disappointed. What does Toronto know about Italian pizza, anyway? This ain’t Rothesay (Napoli West).


 I have been singing your restaurant’s praise since you have won that great international competition and went out to try it for myself. Still love it (Margherita) to this day and bring my out of town guests every time!


“Smiling friendly service from the team working tonight! Pizzas were cooked to perfection and a cappuccino to die for! Delish! Job well done!”


via Facebook: Me: “do you like your pizza?” My 5 year old: “mm best pizza in the world mm mmm.”


Worlds best pizza happening right here on our doorstep—and cappucino too! Be still my growling tum!!!!


the chilli soppressetta was awesome! Warning: causes a runny nose and extreme thirst!


@pomodori_pizza nous voilà! La meilleure pizza de l’est du Canada!




I think you have one of the best Caesar Salads – one of my very top faves for sure!


Ohhh Chicken Pesto, perhaps the greatest of the Pesto’s


Cherry Pom Pesto is my absolute favorite Pomodori pizza, and I’ve tried most of them. It is delicious!


Your photos should have a drool button


My 2.5 year old LOVES going to see “the man throw the pizza up and catch it”. And she is a huge fan of the pesto pizza! (did I mention 2.5 yrs old??!?)

Nancy Doiron-Hanson enjoys Pomodori

Great comment from our Facebook page “Smiling friendly service from the team working tonight! Pizzas were cooked to perfection and a cappuccino to die for! Delish! Job well done!” – Thanks for the feedback Nancy!